SignKu is leading the way in Cloud Signage,Digital engagement, and Beyond

  • Cinema-grade 4K, 8K, or beyond for every screen of Video Wall.
  • Distributed SoC-players architecture designed for any size Video Wall Canvas. Near infinite expandability of Video Wall Canvas and limitless detail pixels, whether it's 4K, 8K or beyond.
  • Patented Video Wall Technology for LED TV, LCD TV, Fine-pixel LED Displays and all other display products.
  • "Canvas" immersive experience Distributed SoC-players for each screen to create choreographed sequences, animations, and complex logic involving many visual items, and spread them across the entire canvas.
  • Frame Accuracy Patented Technologies 100% Full Sync playback for every screen of entire Video Wall.
  • Pixel Perfect and one Video Wall Incredibly smooth playback to address every pixel in a large canvas by driving each display in its native resolution. Distributed SoC frame synchronization to perfect sync across the multiple players that drive the one video wall canvas.
  • Manage Global Video Wall and Signage for any site from any where at anytime.
  • Simultaneously expand and deploy Millions of Displays with carrier-grade quality and security.
  • Pre-load, Live broadcast, Streaming or Mix, Channel-based design for seamlessly playback and smart management.
  • Content creation, deployment, playlist and schedule for all your need.
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